Connection flange according to the dimensions of the built-in BWTS sampling valve.

A 1-inch hose is used to connect the built-in sampling point to the sampling equipment.

Sampling at discharge is performed from the G2 isokinetic sampling point in the overboard discharge line.

Specifically sampling of organisms ≥50 μm a plankton net is fit at the outlet of the G2 sampling point to concentrate the organims, while for sampling of organisms 10-50 μm and bacteria the continuous drip approach is applied. The flow is regulated during the whole process using flowmeter in order to achieve rates for isokinetic sampling according to system’s discharge rate.


The analysis for D-2 compliance is performed on board using the ATP method.
If the results of indicative analysis show no compliance with the D-2 standard limits we apply detailed analysis using microscopy for direct determination of microorganisms.